Course for New Employees

In agreement with the Greenlandic Government the Greenlandic Representation hosts a monthly introduction course for people with little prior knowledge of Greenland - who are soon to join the Greenlandic labor force.

Who can participate?

The course is open to anyone who has recently been hired by a greenlandic employer - whether it is the public or private sector.


The employer will register the employee - preferably through e-mail to the course coordinator:


How often?

The course for new employees is scheduled to be held once every month. The course is typically held at the beginning of each month.

Due to holiday settlements there will be no courses in the month of July.


Course duration

The course will be two days long - usually occurring on Thursdays and Fridays from 09.00-16.30 (subject to change).



The course will take place at the Greenlandic Representation, Strandgade 91, 1401, Copenhagen.

We will provide reservation of hotel rooms if sleepovers will be necessary in relation to the participation of the course. The hotel stay, treats (coffee, tea, water, lunch, cake, and fruit) will be included in the price. Consumption beyond these points, will not be financed by the representation.


Course fees

As of August 1st the price per individual is DKK 7.000. including hotel stay and treats during the two days as explained above. If you wish to bring a partner, the total fee will be DKK 12.000 for the two day course, including the above mentioned stay and treats.

Prolonged stay

If you wish to stay in Copenhagen for another night that can be arranged in good time before the arrival. The prolonged stay has to be approved by the hiring company/department and will be invoiced separately to the employer.

Moreover, the transportation costs to and from the course will not be included in the course fee.


Content of the course

The participant will get an unique insight into everyday life in Greenland, as well as obtain useful information about the society in which he or she will be a part of. We strive - of course with great love for the country - to present Gerenland as a modern and exciting society, as well as presenting the challenges that exist.

The following themes are reviewed: communication and infrastructure, information about taxes, fees, CITES, VAT etc., animals and nature, cities, safety in nature, modern Greenland versus “old”, Home Rule versus Self-Government, mineral extraction, a little about language, prejudices, challenges, mentality, humor and cultural understanding as a central part of the course.

We strive to organize the course according to the participants’ individual needs and active participation, so that the course becomes a dynamic experience for everyone.