The service unit provides practical service to Naalakkersuisut, Inatsisartut, the central administration, the Self-Government companies and the municipalities and is responsible for the office’s daily operations, such as cleaning, payroll, accounting, information and IT. 

The Representation consists of a Head of Representation, as well as staff working for the purpose. Besides the staff in the Repræsentation, you can find staff of the ministries and agencies from Nuuk, as well as the staff of the Greenland Institute of Nature placed in the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen. 

Naalakkersuisut is the chief executive body and the government of Greenland. Naalakkersuisut can in brief be summarized to be made of a central administration and multiple other decentralized institutions. The central administration employs approximately 650 people, divided into 10 ministries, a directorate and 6 boards. 

Naalakkersuisoq is the Prime minister, whereas the members of the Cabinet are the Naalakkersuisut. The Government must comply with the Danish Constitution. In June 21st 2009, Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) adopted the law “Act on Greenland Self-Government”. The Act is based on an agreement between Naalakkersuisut and the Danish Government, giving Greenland the authority to exercise legislative and executive power in the fields of the responsibilities taken. 

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