The Greenlandic Patient Home

The Greenlandic Patient Home is an institution under the administration of Dronning Ingrids Hospital. The primary objective of the Patient Home is to provide Greenlandic patients and relatives with housing during their stay in Denmark before and after hospitalization or outpatient services in Denmark.

The Greenlandic Patient Home will also provide assistance with more practical issues that can arise during the stay such that these issues do not become an obstacle to the entire process of treatment. The Greenlandic Patient home cannot promise to solve every issue that may occur, however proper counseling and advise will be provided.

Opening hours: open around the clock

For more information have a look at the webpage of The Greenlandic Patient Home

Det grønlandske Patienthjem, København

Omøgade 3

2100 Copenhagen Ø

Phone:  +45 3826 4600