Imports of animals

Permission is required for the imports of animals to Greenland

Requests for a permission to import an animal into Greenland has to be addressed to the Greenlandic Representation in good time before the departure to Greenland.

All necessary certificates must be handed in together with the application. See the separate tabs for information regarding different animals. Beware that the lack of certain certificates and other documents can prolong and complicate the process.

Greenland Representation

Strandgade 92

DK-1401  Copenhagen K


Get guidelines for the imports of animals to Greenland here.

Please note that the permission granted to import an animal into Greenland by the Greenlandic Representation shall accompany the animal to Greenland together with the certificates and/or statements that have been provided to you. If you forget your documents, or simply have not acquired them. the animal may be denied access into Greenland at departure. 

Furthermore, it is advised to get in contact with your local municipality through the Greenlandic online citizen service for, among many things, to get information or permission to establish an animal husbandry.