The Greenlandic Representations

The Greenland Self-Government has representations in five places.


The Greenland Representation in Copenhagen has the task of providing service to Nalaakkersuisut, Inatsisartut, the central administration, the Self-Government companies and the municipalities, and including carrying out the tasks that are found most appropriate to solve in or from Denmark.

The Greenland Representation consists of:

  • A Service Unit that provides convenient service
  • A number of departmental areas (consulting areas and the departments' employees in Denmark) that perform professional tasks.

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Greenland Representation

Strandgade 91

DK-1401  Copenhagen K


Phone:  +45 3283 3800

Mail:  klik her


Greenland's Mission to the EU in Brussels was established in 1992, then under the name Greenland's Representation in Brussels.

Greenland’s Mission to the EU handles interests in relation to the EU on behalf of the Naalakkersuisut, and is thus involved in the work on OCT/Greenland Decision, the Fisheries Partnership Agreement with the EU, cooperation with the other overseas countries and territories, EU Member States and other partners that Greenland has within the EU.

In addition, the mission handles Greenland's interests and tasks related to the EU's Arctic policy, the Greenland/UK trade agreement, as well as other ad hoc tasks in relation to the general representation of interests for Greenland.

Greenland's Mission to the EU is housed in the same building as the Permanent Representation of Denmark, the Danish Embassy and the Mission of the Faroese to the EU.

The Head of Representation is the Greenland Self-Government’s representative and maintains our relations with the EU.

The staff of the Mission consists of: 

  • Head of Representation, Inuuteq Holm Olsen
  • Embassy secretary, Nanna Nivi Pedersen
  • Secretary, Anne-Marie Andersen
  • Intern

Greenland Mission to the EU 

Rue d'Arlon 73

B-1040  Brussels


Phone:  +32 2233 0963

Fax:  +32 2233 0966

Mail:  klik her


The Greenlandic Representation in Washington was officially initiated september 24th 2014 and placed in the same building as the Danish Embassy. In 2015 the head of the representation was moreover accredited to Canada. 

At the moment the representation consists of the head of the representation, a secretary and an intern.

The relation between Greenland, the US and Canada comes naturally as a result of the nations common geographical placement on  the North American continent. In previous times, the relation to the US has primarily consisted of their military presence on Greenlandic ground. The defense agreement in 1951 replaced the old agreement between Denmark and the US from 1941.

The relationship between Greenland and Canada is strong. Especially in connection to the Arctic Council and under the auspices of the Arctic coastal states. Furthermore, over the years Greenland has built a strong relation and partnerships with the organization ICC in Canada and the government of Nunavut.

The functions of the Greenlandic Representation in Washington include but are not limited to strengthening the bilateral relations between Greenland, the US and Canada in the following areas: Political, economic, trade, education, research and culture. Moreover the representation provides information about greenlandic conditions in North America and the other way round assists the Greenlandic Government and the central administration.

The staff of the Representation consists of:

  • Head of representation, Kenneth Høegh
  • Embassy secretary, Rebecca Lynge
  • Secretary, Nina O'Shaughnessy
  • Intern

Greenland Representation

3200 Whitehaven Street, N.W

Washington DC 20008


Phone:  +1 202 234 4300

Mail:  klik her


The initiation of the 4th greenlandic diplomatic mission was established at the Greenlandic Parliament during a spring collection in 2017. The shared purpose of the establishment of a Greenlandic Representation in Iceland was to ensure the development of a successful neighborhood and to develop a unit that will strengthen the trade and economic conditions between Greenland and Iceland.

The bilateral collaboration with Iceland has with the agreement of a joint declaration between Iceland and Greenland on november 13th 2013 been strengthened remarkably during recent years. Possible areas of cooperation has been identified and specific collaboration in the western north, The Nordic Council and The Council of Ministers has developed.

Once every year, a meeting will be held with the purpose of keeping track of recent developments and executing the identified and prioritized areas of collaboration. These include an increased collaboration within fields such as fisheries, health, tourism, trade, aviation and the veterinary field. For this, the representation will provide service for the various ministries.

The staff of the Representation consists of:

  • Head of representation, Tove Søvndahl Gant
  • Secretary, Birta Jóhannesdóttir
  • Intern

Greenland Representation

Túngata 5

101 Reykjavík


Phone:  +354 665 5611

Phone:  +354 775 6321

Mail:  klik her


The Greenlandic Representation in Beijing has only recently been established on november 21st 2021. The representation works diligently to strengthen and maintain the Greenlandic ties to China. The representation represents the greenlandic government, Naalakkersuisut. The webpage is currently under construction and will in the future provide more information regarding Greenland and the ties to China.

The representation is located within the same building complex as the Danish Embassy and the Faroese Representation. The personal currently consists of:

  • Head of representation, Jacob Isbosethsen

  • Secretary, Jiaxin Zhou

Greenland Representation
1 Dong Wu Jie, San Li Tun
Beijing 100600
PR China

Phone:  +86 131 2013 8134

Phone:  +86 186 1810 2401

Mail:  klik her